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Hangzhou Jinhua Auto Parts Co., Ltd., manufacturing always remains in progress. As a manufacturer it is our responsibility to strive and manufacture automotive components that will not only meet but exceed the expectations of our customers. Well-understanding our responsibility, we relentlessly work to come up with a line of FIAT Clutch Plate, FORD Clutch Plate, MTZ Tractor Series, Perkins Clutch Plate, UTB Series and other automotive components that never fail to impress our customers in terms of quality, durability, performance and price.

Realizing the benefits of business expansion, within a few years of our emergence, we began exporting our automotive components. And, with our in-depth knowledge of supply chain management, we soon established a network, covering a different countries that enabled us with smooth export operations. It is the support of our strong logistics that today, we are also seen upon as a trustworthy exporter of JOHN DEERE Clutch Plate, Massey Ferguson Clutch Plate and all the aforesaid automotive components.

Supply Chain Management

The global supply chain network is always complex. Therefore, it requires a proper supply chain management system for keeping the supply operations in track. Considering this aspect, we keep a close tab over the flow of information and goods right from the stage of material procurement to manufacturing until delivery of our Perkins Clutch Plate, UTB Series and other components, is made to the customer ends. All this monitoring enables us effectively manage our costs and our relationships with vendors and customers while securing the right partners in our supply chain.

Core Values

Strictly adhering to the following core values, we achieve a competitive edge in the market:

  • Accountability: We feel ourselves accountable for all the actions we take while performing our business operations. However, we ensure that no false promises are made to our customers by any of our executive.
  • Quality: Bringing to the table a quality-assured line of automotive components has always been our primary objective. And, to attain this objective, we well-maintain all the quality standards of our FIAT Clutch Plate and other components.
  • Unity: We conduct team building activities for our employees so that confusion can be eliminated and orders are timely completed.
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Fuyang, Zhejiang Prove., Hangzhou, Zhejiang, 341102, China
Phone :+8613732209761